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Overlap S1E1 preview: Sara Hill chats to us about Minecraft

On Tuesday 23rd October, Sara Hill will introduce us to the world-building opportunities of Minecraft when she presents the first episode of Overlap’s new season of events at the University of Sheffield. We caught up with Sara to find how her creative journey into the game began.

“A few friends were already playing it really, really obsessively. You know sometimes when your friends (whose opinions you really respect) go on about something until you can’t stand one more conversation about it? That was my first experience of Minecraft – deciding never to play it. This was before the game was officially released, about two and a half years ago.”

So what changed her mind?

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Announcing Overlap S1E1: Dig Your Own World

UPDATE 23RD OCTOBER: Our venue’s now the Raynor Lounge, still in the Students’ Union but downstairs and just off Bar One.

Following a successful pilot season of Overlap events last year, we’re delighted to break the seal on our first season proper on 23rd October. Led by guest presenter Sara Hill, we’ll be grabbing our pixelated pickaxes and heading for the mountains (well, The Raynor Lounge at The University of Sheffield) to uncover the stories and worlds that are being hewn in Minecraft.

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