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Ian Livingstone Interview

A discussion with Ian Livingstone at Games Britannia 2012 in which YOU become the interviewer!



Loved by the adventurous, feared by the goblin-ey, every good barbarian knows the name Ian Livingstone. Alongside the warlock Steve Jackson, Livingstone brought kobolds and beholders to Britain’s shores as the first distributor of Dungeons & Dragons, before setting up boardgame and miniature heroes Games Workshop, editing White Dwarf and co-creating the million-selling Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks. Those are the legends, but more recently he’s moved into videogames with Eidos and attempting to turn around the eighteen wheeler in a alleyway that is UK education policy with the Next Gen report.

Today you’re braving the UK videogame festival Games Britannia – home to more astounding phantasmagoria than a night on the ale in Port Blacksand- to talk to the reveared dungeon master about his most recent project – a return to Fighting Fantasy with Blood of the Zombies!

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