Overlap - Investigations in new and forgotten storytelling


Overlap is a monthly event for investigation and discussion of new and forgotten storytelling. This involves a particular focus on emerging and undiscovered platforms for narrative – everything from videogames, augmented reality and role-playing games to flash mobs, social media and more.

The web and mobile platforms have changed storytelling and audiences alike. Where the previous century’s broadcast media delivered stunning shared experiences that none the less carpet-bombed their stories across cultures and continents, the 21st century’s web allows audiences to engage with narrative in more personal and expressive ways.

The interactions between storytellers and audiences engendered through online communication tools such as Twitter and Facebook are no different from the kind of encounters that influenced the likes of Charles Dickens. And in the same way every offline communication tool from the campfire and postal service to the telephone has been used to tell stories, so too online mechanisms such as Twitter and Facebook have been repurposed to this effect. Here though, the web’s proliferation of bespoke platforms and systems for passing on information have presented a rich and ripe selection of host bodies. Story has gone viral – infecting and repurposing everything from Wikipedia and eBay to phones and Googlemaps.

Overlap’s core purpose is to identify and investigate new, marginalized, forgotten and repurposed forms of storytelling. We’ll examine everything from crowdsourcing the news and the use of rules in games to the exploration of monologue and the cross-platform transformations of H.P. Lovecraft. We’ll investigate these worlds using universal story components such as character, plot and theme – accompanied on our journeys by a succession of guests and collaborators.