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Join Overlap for a terrifying Halloween hangout

Join us at 8pm on Monday 31st and watch us get scared witless by pixels.

To round off a month of videogaming, Rob and I are hosting a hangout on Google+ this Halloween (that’s the social network’s built in video chat if you didn’t know). For this, the second Overlap online social, we’re getting to the bones of horror games. Controllers in hand, we’ll nervously guide characters to their certain doom while chatting about what makes the games tick with the help of classics such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Siren. What makes a game genuinely terrifying? How do games compare to other horror genres? Where does the story sit amongst the shocks?

To join us, you’ll need to be signed up and in our Overlap circle. If you add me on Google+ and post on the thread on my profile, I’ll make sure you’re able to join the hangout.

Spaces in hangouts are limited to 9 participants, so if any of you want to share a a web cam that would be great. We’ll post a list of games we’ll be walking through before the night — if you want to catch us for part of the evening you can pick the part that spooks you most. Feel free to share any scary (gaming) movies you’ve found on YouTube too as we can stream those within the hangout on the night. We’re going to attempt to rig our cameras so you can see exactly what’s making us jump.

Join us…

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    How is the Halloween hangout? It seems that many attended this horror event.  Does it have any video we can watch?

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