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Announcing Overlap S0E2: ‘The Secret Agent’ with Russ Stearman

Following the hugely successful and only slightly uproarious Episode 1, the second in Overlap’s pilot season of live events investigating new and forgotten forms of storytelling, ‘The Secret Agent’, will take place in Sheffield, UK on Tuesday October 11th from 7.30pm.

For Episode two we’re delighted to welcome Robot/Lizard‘s lead designer Russell Stearman, who’ll be guiding us through the possibilities of videogame narratives. What kinds of roles do we play when we game? How rich are the decisions we get to make? Can we learn to let go of our ego in the game world? Can losing be fun? We’ll be looking at examples of desperate, hilarious and classic dilemmas and decisions from films, books and real life as well as classic games including Uncharted and Indiana Jones’ Lucasarts adventures as we explore the different ways games can engage us and what happens when the player is given control of the story.

Featuring an exclusive look at Russell’s latest piece of work, which combines the tender emotional love story of Full Throttle with the safety-net-free terror of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, we’re encouraging everyone to reserve tickets for ‘The Secret Agent’ as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We’re just putting the finishing touches to our venue so it’s TBC, strictly speaking EDIT – we’re hugely excited to confirm Sheffield’s Brezza as venue.

Tickets are free but limited. You can book via our page on Eventbrite or by using the form below.

As a taster, here’s a quick clip of Overlap’s first chat with Russ way back in last month. We talked about Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (movie and game), Ben There, Dan That, feelies and action figures, amongst other things!

Russ Stearman Chat at Brezzas by Planisher

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