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Announcing Overlap S0E1: Dicing the Dude – Storygames, Collaborative Narratives and Remixing the Coen Brothers

Crowdsourced plots, spontaneous story creation and the vandalism of a rug that really tied the room together are all under investigation in Overlap’s examination of Storytelling games this August.

From TV shows that never were and Lovecraftian insane asylum pen pals to Citizens-Band Radio horror and Polish child soldiers in WW2 storygames’ live inception, design and delivery offer startlingly rich and terrifyingly immersive narratives that put players in the maw of story. They’re as underrepresented and misunderstood as they are intriguing however and we’re delighted to welcome Steampower Publishing owner and White Dwarf Editor Andrew Kenrick to Overlap for an introduction to this quietly revolutionary form of storytelling.

Covering the medium’s origins in pen-and-paper roleplaying games as well as principles of play, standout systems and possible futures, Andrew will also look at Fiasco - a  new storygame based around the ‘Small Time Caper Gone Wrong’ movies that are the Coen Brothers’ weapon of choice. There’ll be a chance to explore classic bowling noir ‘The Big Lebowski’ from inside the Dude’s head with a brief interactive ‘trip’, before taking a look at how the medium’s tools can augment the toolkit of any storyteller.

This is a ranging and skillset-enlarging look at a strange and beautiful platform. We’d love you to join us.

Our tale begins in Sheffield, in the intimate surroundings of the GIST Lab, just two minutes from Sheffield train station, from 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start. You can order tickets using the form below or by visiting the event page on Eventbrite. It’s free.

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